When it comes to the design of a project, lines on paper just does not do it. Lines on paper do not translate everything there is to see and consider for a project. Our design program that we use to create design boards for clients just isn't enough either. We want to show ideas on layout, the potential uses within the space, and how we can possibly alter the design to maximize the end goal.  We understand how technology can be used to leverage ideas and launch business capabilities. Tech is a game changer when put into proper practice. 

At Lindsay Laine Interiors, we have created a method within the walls of our firm to leverage technology in a way that benefits our clients, our trades, and the projects' success. We produce digital duplicates of the spaces we are to reimagine. We offer new designs within the spaces, add specific material finishes and furnishings as we actively create them in a photorealistic video "fly-through" for our clients to enjoy. This approach enables clear communication, detailed feedback, and places all of us on the same page so projects run more efficiently and effectively.

Conceptual Design

cutting edge technology

Lindsay Laine Interiors was hired to create a completely new brand identity and website for this project as well as the interior design and digital modeling for the spaces. Since this project is in the pre-sell phase, we leveraged our technology to design the spaces and bring perspective buyers inside before construction begins.

Our task was to digitally design the two building lobbies and one boutique flat to give buyers an idea of what the space will look like after it's built. The goal for our design aesthetic was timeless, classic, elegant spaces that evoke a unique living experience like nothing else in the Rochester area. 

Dwell on Jefferson

With a strong and growing team of the best trade specialists, we have created a design + build firm that allows our clients to simply call us with the desire to renovate their home and we take care of the rest.

From architectural design to active construction management, to materials selection, ordering and styling, we take care of every detail. We are on a mission to make this journey fun and to stand out as the most enjoyable design group to engage, with results that make our clients thrilled for years!

Kitchen Design

Our superpower is the ability to manage a project from conception to completion, all under one roof. Utilizing technology, we enable our clients to see a clear vision of the design options possible in their spaces down to the most minute details.

We aim to rewrite the book on the residential renovation process and truly put the DESIGN back into design + build. We believe your home should be a reflection of you. We also believe the journey to get there is an adventure embraced by a trusted team. We have created a process which melds their practices in such a way that all our clients need to do is reach out with the desire to renovate their homes. We take care of every single detail from that moment on. 

Bed & Bath Design

Our mission is to provide an immersive and empowering experience for our clients while reimagining their space. From outfitting rooms with new looks utilizing furnishings, accessories, and palette changes to complete renovations, we are a full-service firm with our clients happiness as our top priority. 

The growth of our team is directly tied to our clients who have invited us into their homes. Each one is dear because of the level of trust extended to us as we guide them and make major changes in their spaces. 

Living Spaces

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