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At Lindsay Laine Interiors, our mission is to transform homes into captivating, functional, and personalized spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of our clients. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional designs that blend creativity, innovation, and wonder. Our mission is to craft timeless designs and a lasting impression. We ensure every project is executed with integrity, professionalism, and an unwavering dedication to our clients.

We provide every facet of the home renovation process from initial design concept to finished spaces.

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Lindsay is the Principal Designer and Chief Happiness Officer at Lindsay Laine. Our services include updating spaces with mini lifts, restyling/refurnishing, and complete renovations. Reimagining our clients' homes to align with their hopes and dreams for their spaces is our favorite thing to do! Each client is dear to us because of the level of trust extended as we guide them and make major changes in their spaces. 

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Lindsay Lucas

Our superpower is our ability to manage your project from concept to completion, all under one roof! This phase of our design process empowers our clients to make decisions based on viewing material selections, finishes, and furnishings modeled in their spaces. By bringing the design front and center, we omit assumptions and the need to work from lines on paper. The immersive experience is what Lindsay Laine is all about!

Your attention to detail, your hard work, and your incredible gift for design provided me with a home that I could have never imagined!

We understand that excellent design includes sharing some serious head and heart space with our clients. We dig in and understand what would make them absolutely elated in the end! We have refined a process which enables us to navigate the journey from “before” to “after”. Utilizing technology, we enable our clients to see a clear vision of the design options possible in their spaces and open a strong channel of communication that flows between us throughout the project phases.

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