When it comes to the design of a project, lines on paper just does not do it. Lines on paper do not translate everything there is to see and consider for a project. Our design program that we use to create design boards for clients just isn't enough either. We want to show ideas on layout, the potential uses within the space, and how we can possibly alter the design to maximize the end goal.  We understand how technology can be used to leverage ideas and launch business capabilities. Tech is a game changer when put into proper practice. 

At Lindsay Laine Interiors, we have created a method within our firm to leverage technology in a way that benefits our clients, our trades, and the projects' success. We produce digital duplicates of the spaces we are to reimagine. We offer new designs within the spaces, add specific material finishes and furnishings as we actively create them in a photorealistic video "fly-through" for our clients to enjoy. This approach enables clear communication, detailed feedback, and places all of us on the same page so projects run more efficiently and effectively.

3D Modeling

Concept Design

After the 3D model is revised and finalized, we now can build the Materials Booklet that will contain all your selections for each space. If there are any gaps in design decisions that still need to be made, we can identify them through this process. We also keep this booklet updated as decisions are made and share with the contractor and trades on site.

step five

After we've made selections for your home, we jump back into digital mode and create a 3D model of your spaces. This allows us to view your selections in your space and see how it all works together. We can alter the model as much as you want to get the most decisions made before construction begins. We share the 3D model with the contractor and trades to get clarification on design decisions as well.

step four

For this step in the process we jump out of digital mode and into sourcing materials in person at our favorite vendors and showrooms. The white box has given us space allocations and the elevations has given us the details for each space that need materials. We source tile and flooring options, figure out paint colors, explore furniture options, and start to bring your space to life in the 3D world.

step three

After the white box is finalized, we move on to creating elevations for the kitchen, baths, laundry, mudhall, and any space that has custom cabinetry. Our elevations are not construction documents but rather assist the carpenters and trades people to complete their own measurements and final drawings before construction begins. This step also shows what decisions need to be made in each space, such as tile, flooring, fixtures, etc.

step two

We take your architectural plans and create a digital white box model with just the bones of your space so we can get a feel for the new design and the flow. This step helps determine if adjustments need to be made to the floor plans before any design or construction begins.

step one

Concept Design Process

Lindsay Laine Interiors were engaged to help create a dental office space that feels calm, peaceful, highly functional, and well appointed. Our clients, the doctors responsible for bringing this practice to their town are involved in every detail. They care so very deeply about making their patients as comfortable as possible.

The most important request our client's had for us is that we avoid a cold and clinical feel in this space. The light filled, serene aesthetic we are bringing forth is a high priority for our client's. At each turn, materials and color palette has been selected to ensure a warm, welcoming environment that will be delivered in the build. 

Commercial - Colden Dental

Lindsay Laine Interiors was hired to create a completely new brand identity and website for this project as well as the interior design and digital modeling for the spaces. Since this project is in the pre-sell phase, we leveraged our technology to design the spaces and bring perspective buyers inside before construction begins.

Our task was to digitally design the two building lobbies and one boutique flat to give buyers an idea of what the space will look like after it's built. The goal for our design aesthetic was timeless, classic, elegant spaces that evoke a unique living experience like nothing else in the Rochester area. 

Commercial - Dwell on Jefferson

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