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The 20 Deep Project came to me when I was just getting started. I had recently completed a handful of successful renovation projects at this time. I was upfront that this would be my first commercial project but was emphatic that no matter what, I would not let my prospective clients down. They took a shot on me and trusted me with their project. This opportunity would prove to be one of the most critical junctures along the journey of my design firm’s path.

Once I was formally engaged; blueprints for the winery were emailed to me as planned. I opened them and immediately began to imagine... I started to overlay furnishings and finishes after we reviewed the design goals. For me, this view just wasn't quite ideal in conveying the ideas I wanted to share with my new clients.  What I had to work with was lines on paper, traditional design plans with massive importance to the build of the project. As it comes to the design of the project, lines on paper just does not do it. Lines on paper do not translate everything there is to see and consider. My design program, where I could create design boards, just wouldn't be enough either. I wanted to show ideas on layout, the potential uses within the space, and how we could possibly alter the design to maximize the end goal.

20 Deep Winery


Today, we have created a method within the walls of our firm to leverage tech in a way that benefits our clients, our trades, and the projects' success. We produce digital duplicates of the spaces we are to reimagine. We offer new designs within the spaces, add specific material finishes and furnishings as we actively create them in a photorealistic flythrough for our clients to enjoy. This approach enables clear communication, detailed feedback, and places all of us on the same page. Projects run more efficiently and effectively.

My career just prior to opening Lindsay Laine Interiors was in the tech field. I understand how technology can be used to leverage ideas and launch business capabilities. Tech is a game changer when put into proper practice. I looked around for technology with the capability to meld my ideas and the structural design plan. Something innovative, that I could use, to communicate clearly with my clients and have a little fun along the way!

Tech, Wine, & Design

20 Deep was to be designed within the style of a minimal Scandinavian/Industrial feel. I leaned on natural elements such as wood, cork, and metal. The color pallet is gray, black, and white. As I started, I envisioned an artistic expression of roots extending twenty feet into the earth. Initially, I wondered if we could have a wood carving of this added to the front of the bar. In the end, we chose to create a mural depicting this on the wall behind the taps.

The furnishings needed to be comfortable and inviting but not too fussy, so we sourced beautiful commercially rated options and wove them into the design plan. I enjoy growing plants and various trees at home. Repeatedly, I have had a fiddle leaf fig grow high enough to reach the ceiling in my garden room. Ironically, I seem to always have a project with a soaring ceiling that could accommodate one of my “not so little” fiddle leaf figs. As I write this, one happily resides in a basket, in front of The Founder's Corner nestled by a window, with enough ceiling space to grow and flourish. I love when things just click!

Scandinavian & Industrial Design

We are determined to continue as innovative catalysts in our field. Seeking improvements and enhancing the client experience is at the core of our mission. We want to shake up the way people view the possibilities of their homes and commercial projects. We want to take all limitations off and explore new realms. Thus ensuring our clients see every angle from a view that reveals their space as if they are standing in it. We do all of this prior to lifting the first hammer on the project. This approach enables our clients to have full confidence in their decisions and a complete picture of what to expect in the end. Our trades have video and still renderings on their cell phones of what the finished spaces will look like. Responsively, they may refer to these at any time while in active construction.

20 Deep is a project near and dear to my heart. The owners are inspiring entrepreneurs who are dedicated to bringing an excellent product and experience to our area. Their dedication to the business and their community is evident. They continue to add fun events and tasting offerings to the 20 Deep calendar. While we were onsite for this photoshoot, I was asked for ideas to make the outdoor patio cozier. They are always focused on their customers. With every step, 20 Deep has established their roots and deep love of what they do and the community they serve. I am honored to have been invited to the table.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

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