We were invited into this home to restructure the layout and create a whole new feeling within the space. We like to work closely with our clients and share some serious headspace so we can begin to understand what it is they are hoping for at the end of the project. One of the first steps we take with every renovation is going into our client's kitchen and opening cabinet doors and drawers and assessing what is available to them today, what they like about it, what they don't like about it, and ultimately what it is they wish they had. After we draw new layouts, we count new space compared to old space and enumerate new functionality compared to old functionality. Our process is thoughtful and well-informed by the details shared with us by our clients as well as what we see when we take a physical inventory. 

As we left this project, I checked in with my client to ask how they were liking the space. She reported back that she loved it and couldn't believe how much the finished space looked exactly like the 3D model. She had a full menu planned to cook for her family that night and would be entertaining that weekend. They couldn't wait to enjoy the new space with their family and friends. This is what it's all about for us. 

a design + Build process

Kitchen Project

When it comes to the design of a project, lines on paper just does not do it. Lines on paper do not translate everything there is to see and consider for a project. We want to show ideas on layout, the potential uses within the space, and how we can possibly alter the design to maximize the end goal. We understand how technology can be used to leverage ideas and launch business capabilities. Tech is a game changer when put into proper practice.

The 3D Design

Our client loves her kitchen table and did not want to part with it. When we re-oriented the room, the table just didn't fit very well. The idea surfaced to build custom banquette seating around the table and into the back of the island. By creating this area, we could have the best of all worlds.

The table would stay, it would be center stage, and situated right under the skylights. We then had the opportunity to add built-in storage into the banquette seating. The creation of the custom banquette allowed for a long bank of lower cabinetry, providing more storage. We decided against a seam in the countertop and opted to add a wood top along this stretch of counter area instead, which created more serving and prep space.

The Built-In Banquet

Countertops are such a big deal! We focused in on identifying just the right stone for the countertops in this space. We took lots of field trips to "unearthed natural art galleries"...I mean stone yards. After a few visits to a few different stone yards, and then some serious 3D modeling to show the beauty of the stone we ultimately landed on, a granite slab was the winner. This charcoal toned granite with veining in chocolate browns, and milky whites stole the show for us. Once we determined how we would integrate these darker tones into the overall design plan as well as use it in spots for backsplash, the rest of the kitchen became lighter. 

Finding the Right Stone

Coffee is important in this house. We designed the coffee bar to flow with the rest of the kitchen. The family barista now has a designated space with a small sink, plenty of storage, and wood shelving to display mugs and grounds. The entire backsplash wall is slatted tile, made to look like wood. Is splashes occur, no worries!

The Coffee Bar

We created a command center when you first enter the kitchen from the garage. In the command center, the family now has one spot to organize mail, homework, tech charging, and storage. 

Once we realized how much cooking and entertaining this family loves, we turned the former hall that ran between their powder room, and behind their kitchen into a walk-in pantry for food storage and prep space.

The Command Center + Pantry

We used light oak and white painted wood in the rest of the kitchen. We love reeded wood. Reeded wood is a sheet of wood with a profile rounded in a series of scallops. We chose to use it on the sides of the banquette and on the wall, where the family calendar and weekly menu are displayed. The use of this wood ties directly to the wood-style, slatted tile used in the command center and at the coffee bar. We bookended the walls between the white cabinetry and the light oak cabinetry to create a play on white and oak which we carried throughout the kitchen. We decked out all the cabinets and appliances in brass hardware. We chose fabric that spoke back to the dark countertops and the white wood for the custom cushions. 

Custom Cabinetry

This was a dream project. We had tons of fun along the way and the trust this family gave us as we navigated from start to finish was unwavering. We are so very grateful each time the doors open to us using our imaginations to help families enjoy their homes a little bit more. This family is near and dear to my heart. I requested an all-time seat at that custom banquette. So far so great! I've already enjoyed a zucchini muffin, which was the maiden bake in their new GE Cafe series oven; color: matte white, handles: brushed bronze. Thank you so much M & S.

The Before

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